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Writing Letters
Calling Russia and CIS
Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I start?

Look through the profiles listed on the site & choose the ladies who interest you. To send a letter to a lady, click on the "Email-me now" button. You will need to Register on our website to send e-mails. Registration is fast and free - just answer a few simple questions.

After registering you will be able to create your own profile for ladies to see. This service is absolutely free. Your ad can be with, or without photo and as long, or short as you like. Thousands of Russian Women will see your ad and many will try to contact you via e-mail. When you start to receive letters, write to the few ladies who interest you.

After a few months of communication, there should be several ladies whom you are really interested in. At this point, you can start planning your trip to Russia/Ukraine to meet them in person. You have to travel to Russia and meet your fiancee in person if you are serious about the process. If it is time for you to travel to Russia, or you want to bypass the letter writing process all together & meet the ladies first, our tours give you a great opportunity to meet 600-1100 lovely ladies in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, or Odessa.

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If the question you want to ask is not answered here, feel free to call us at 207-262-9595, or E-mail us at

How honest are these women?

There is an increasing number of new sites on the web featuring scams involving Russian women. They paint a gloomy picture of Russian women being only interested in green cards and money. Some men after reading these sites are ready to give up the whole idea of finding a partner in Russia - "there are too many bad girls out there".  

However, if you read these 2-3 sites carefully, you will see that all of them are devoted to the same 80-150 women who make a living out of scamming Western men for money. This is a tiny percentage of about 40.000-50.000 Russian females who are looking for a partner abroad. The vast majority of men searching for a wife in Russia and Ukraine meet and marry great women without ever encountering any scams, or scam artists.

For more information see Russian Scams and How to Protect Yourself.

How do you rate English Ability?

English ability is rated from E1 - able to write a letter with a dictionary, to E4 - fluent.

How do women join "Anastasia"?

We advertise our services in Russian newspapers & magazines, but we publish very few ladies who joint us this way. Instead we prefer to work with a wide network of Russian-based marriage agencies. We work with agencies in more then 60 cities of the former USSR, selecting the best ladies they have as clients & featuring them in our catalogs & videos. It gives us the following advantages: 

  1. The owners of these agencies know all women personally & we can be sure that the women we present are sincerely interested in finding a partner. 
  2. The owners of these agencies actively participate in organizing our tours, are present at the socials & can tell you more information about each lady you meet. 
  3. The owners also stay in touch with the women & notify us immediately of the address changes, engagements, etc., so that our database is always up to date. 

We also accept women with the referral from a lady/gentlemen who used our services before. We also meet most of the ladies in person during our tours. Because we meet most of them, and because our staff verifies every new bio to be posted on our site, we never had a case where the photo the girl sent in turned out not to be her own, or any similar incidents. There is no charge for women to join our services.

What kind of response can I hope for?

To enjoy a good response rate:

  • Be realistic in your choices. 
  • Avoid writing women who are better educated then you are. 
  • Do not limit yourself to writing 1-2 ladies, especially the most attractive ones. 
  • Write women who will fit into your lifestyle. If you live in the country, far away from larger cities avoid writing to the ladies who list their hobbies as theater, fashions, etc. Instead write to ones who enjoy nature, animals, may be gardening & outdoor activities. 
  • Pay attention to the advice we give you in "Writing Letters" section. 

You can increase your chances to receive responses by writing at least 15-20 women and placing your ad in our Gentlemen's Catalog. It's all about exposure. The more contacts you make the better are your chances of finding somebody you like, who also thinks you are special.

Can I bring the lady to the US for a visit?

It's almost impossible to obtain a tourist visa for a lady. However if you've traveled to Russia & decided get married, you can bring your lady over on a K-1 visa (Fiancee Visa). This type of visa allows your lady to stay in the US for the period of 3 months. At the end of the 3 month period you either have to get married, or the lady has to return to her home country. There are no extensions on the Fiancée Visa. More info.

Some men are concerned that the lady might just be interested in US citizenship when looking for a foreign husband.  Becoming a US citizen is a very long process. About 6 months after you two are married, you have to appear for an interview with the Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS). The goal of the interview is to prove to the INS that your marriage is legitimate. After this interview the lady will receive a temporary green-card. In another 2 years you will have to appear for the second interview w & only then will your wife receive a permanent green card.

Related Topics: 
Writing Letters
Calling Russia and CIS
Frequently Asked Questions
- continued

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